Every Day is a New Day



Some of the young mums at the launch of Every Day is a New Day

I’ve recently been involved in a fantastic project run by Children in Scotland with a young mums group based at the Citadel Youth Centre in Leith. As part Children in Scotland’s Heritage Hunters project, which aimed to broaden the participation of children and young people in heritage settings, we worked together on two workshops with a group of young women under 21 and their children.


The group decided that they’d like to write a story about what it’s like to be a young mum, for their children to read when they are older. We discussed the particular difficulties young mums face, and compared this to the experience of mums in the past, looking at items and photographs from our baby and early childhood reminiscence box


Writer Mike Nicholson was brought in to turn the women’s words into a story, and this was complimented with design and illustrations by Anders Frang



The book was launched with a reception at the City Chambers hosted by council leader, Adam McVey. The young mums read extracts from the book together with staff from the Citadel. It was a very emotional and proud moment for everyone involved.


We’re delighted that the book will soon be available for visitors to read at our current exhibition, Bringing Up Baby at the Museum of Childhood.


Every Day is a New Day: A story by young mums for their bairns- to be read when they are older is available to read here


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