Our wonderful Coade Stone maidens!

Greetings from the heritage and outreach guy!

A hearty invitation to our readers and visitors to join us on the monthly, public drop-in tour of the Assembly Rooms:

Saturday 31st May at 11am and 12pm – do register your interest with Electra on 0131 220 4348 if you wish to come along.

In this missive, I’d like to introduce you to some of the more enigmatic members of our Assembly team: the coade stone lovelies who bring a touch of classical beauty, in human form, to the Crush Hall.

I often tell our visitors that National Galleries of Scotland may have the Three Graces but we at the Assembly Rooms are most fortunate to have the three original Coade Statues which were commissioned for the building in the 1780s and which are now highly prized examples of this type of statuary.

During the tour you can learn more about Eleanor Coade, the Georgian businesswoman who created the material which bears her name and how our team at the Museums’ Collections Centre were tasked with restoring the maidens to their original glory!


The image above shows the depth and scale of conservation undertaken by Paul and his team; layers of paint from extensive touch ups of the statues over the years were removed to reveal intricate details…I think you’ll just have to come and see the restored trio for yourself – and look out for the fourth maiden who has her own story to tell…

Thanks go to Michael Dawson for documenting this process.




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