Citizen Curator- your feedback

Thank you for all your great feedback and for sharing your memories in the Citizen Curator exhibition. I thought I would share some of this with you. I hope to write up some more soon.

I thought I would start with this lovely pigeon picture!

2014-01-09 10.25.32

We asked ‘What does Leith mean to you?’ Here are your comments:

‘Collecting mussels and crabs at the Tally Toor = Leith Docks’

‘Leith Athletic. I found love, a home and a job in Leith. I love it!’

‘Love Faith Hope, Its a loving place’

‘A place that welcomes us to the beautiful city of Edinburgh’

‘Leith is the artistic centre of the capital’

‘Beautiful multicultural exhibition reflecting the rich traditions of Leith and the newer seam of cultural identities who now live in Leith’


‘Leith is the gem of Edinburgh. I emigrated from the lands of Gilmerton to Easter Road 5 years ago and how consider it our home’

‘Lived in Leith for 31 years. Have very happy memories of life there. Worked as a nurse at Leith Hospital- enjoyed finishing work and walking along Great Junction Street and up Leith Walk. Thriving Community.’

‘A dynamic and different identity to Edinburgh- My Grandmother’s family were seafarers who lived in Leith- my Grandfather was Irish and lived with the Irish immigrants in the Kirkgate’

‘The World’s best rugby team LRFC’

‘Proud to be a citizen of Leith’

‘Family came from Leith so I am a Leither at heart. Good luck to Leith always even if it always. Even if it has changed completely forever with all the changes’

‘Leith Late is inspiring and obviously someone or people worked really hard to keep this idea going. Well done, love the shutters’

Some visitors commented on the exhibition:

‘Wonderful exhibition! It’s wonderful to see so many great pieces and displays grounded in a place rather than an abstract concept, a nice change. Extremely well curated, I wish I was from Leith’

‘Great exhibition. I particularly liked the work by Leith Academy and the old photos of the sports clubs’

‘Great job young people!! They have good vision about urban environment for citizens’

‘Fantastic life caught in the students’ work’

A few of your comments also suggested other aspects of Leith identity which could have been included in the exhibition:

‘Great exhibition but why no mention of the Gretna Rail disaster? Still the biggest rail disaster to happen in Britain. The Leith Battalion was decimated by this and a memorial is with Pilrig, Rosebank Cemetery to commemorate’

‘Really liked exhibition, I agree should of mentioned the rail disaster. More mention needed about tenement living maybe’

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately we were limited by space in the Citizen Curator exhibition and there are several topics that we did not explore in as much depth as we would have liked. But we shall keep your suggestions in mind for future displays. We will also have a range of events and activities commemorating the centenary of World War I coming up over the 2014-18 period.

One very helpful comment was about an object relating to Leith. I have passed on your comment to the History team:

‘An antique shop off main street in Stockbridge has a colourered engraving of those coopers from Leith who were killed in WWI. The shop is selling up. It would be nice if Leith could obtain this engraving- it gives a list of names of those who lost their lives’

Thank you for everyone who has submitted memories and comments. Please do get in touch if you have anything you would like us to include.

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I'm the Outreach & Access Manager at Edinburgh Museums & Galleries (the museums service of the City of Edinburgh Council). I take the museums out to community groups and schools. I really enjoy meeting lots of people of different ages and backgrounds and helping them connect with our collections. I love showing people some of the amazing objects that we hold and I like helping them to remember the past or to create something amazing.
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