Curious, fishwives, festivities, Japan and the belt!

It has been a busy week, lots of exciting things have happened, but I’ve not had much of a chance to blog about it!

As promised in my previous post, I have a (slightly blurry) photograph of one of our willing fishwives from Edinburgh College.


On Tuesday the two new Museums Alive volunteers did their first session and met all the other volunteers at Portlee Resource Centre. The session was on a festive theme and all went very well and I’ve been hearing some great feedback.

On Wednesday I was at the Curious Symposium in Glasgow. Curious is a community engagement project run by Glasgow Museums

It is an amazing project and I got lots of new ideas for projects listening to the speakers. I also was amused to find a photograph in the exhibition of me, taken in a previous life when I worked for Glasgow Museums.

On Thursday I was out again at Libertus Day Centre running a day long training programme on reminiscence for their volunteers.  We looked at using objects for reminiscence, did some reminiscence with the group, discussed how to run sessions and looked at the Leisure and Going Out reminscence box.

As an icebreaker we looked at this mystery object. Do you know what it is?


(Answer: It is a daruma doll from Japan. It is for good luck and goal setting. When you buy the doll the eyes are usually blank. When you set your goal you fill in one eye. Then when you see the daruma it motivates you to achieve your goal. When you have achieved it you can fill in the other eye)

This Tawse (the belt) caused a lot of discussion too!



About edinburghmuseumsoutreach

I'm the Outreach & Access Manager at Edinburgh Museums & Galleries (the museums service of the City of Edinburgh Council). I take the museums out to community groups and schools. I really enjoy meeting lots of people of different ages and backgrounds and helping them connect with our collections. I love showing people some of the amazing objects that we hold and I like helping them to remember the past or to create something amazing.
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